quil and ink

Boy do I have the scoop of a lifetime for you.


Remember your best friend from childhood, all through primary school and part of high school?

Well, you don’t talk anymore, you just…  drifted apart. You occasionally bump into each other in the streets of Nairobi, but all that’s exchanged is a nod.

Remember the town drunkard?

He was always heavily intoxicated or passed out somewhere in a ditch despite the time or day. He’s about 10 years sober now, has a lovely wife and two kids. He really cleans up well.

Remember the lovely woman who always sold you fresh vegetables?

She won the mega jackpot. A whooping two hundred and thirty million shillings. No one from this little town’s seen her since, she closed shop immediately and left. All she left behind are the rumors; the most viral one being that she owns a huge piece of property in Karen where she lives.

Remember that tall skinny girl with really long black hair who always led the Christian Union choir and the Sunday service in high school?

I’ll put this bluntly. She’s a hoe now. Everyone knows it. She had three kids too, right after high school, by three different baby daddies.  You know I’m not one to judge but man, she’s fallen so far off the wagon.

Remember the girl who always, always came last in your class and the entire stream, still in high school?

She’s the managing director of some tours and travel company that’s a really big deal now. I’ve seen her around town a few times driving a Bentley Continental. Just a few years out of high school and she’s way ahead of all of us who always topped in class. I don’t how she did it.

Remember him?

You were convinced he was the one; the two years you were together were your happiest. Then one day all that happiness turned into unimaginable pain in the flick of a switch. He had been cheating on you with another. Why? He looked you in the eye, said he just didn’t feel the same and walked away. You got through it, you amazing human you.

Remember how you were obsessed with nature and animals, always wanted to be an environmentalist?

You took the relevant course and graduated; a first job in the same but you quit after three months. You, well, I, we, joined the army. I know, it’s been almost a year since but I’m still just as shocked as you are.

What can I tell you kiddo? Life takes it’s own twists and turns, some good, some not so good.  Even when you think you’ve had it all figured out.

Go with the flow.

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